Did you know WINEaLOT Vineyards is sustainably farmed?

The vineyards at WINEaLOT Vineyards are sustainably farmed!

Frontenac grape vine in its first year. Sustainable agriculture farming at WINEaLOT Vineyards LLC

Sustainable agriculture includes 3 common goals: environmental health, economic profitability and social equity. The strategies to achieve these goals are different for every farm therefor there are not strict steps to follow. It is important for the grower to know their environment and what is important for their region. 

The most important factor in farming of any kind is a healthy soil. Healthy soil will produce healthy vines which will optimize grape harvest for the best quality wine. A healthy soil is also the key to sustainability. When the vines become stressed due to poor nutrition they will not produce as strong of a harvest and the wine will not taste as delicious as it should.

Here at WINEaLOT Vineyards, we take soil health very seriously. We regularly monitor soil health by completing lab tests and careful monitoring of the grass, weeds and of course the vines. It is very important our grape vines have a balanced nutrition base to grow up big and strong.

Did you know even our trellis system is sustainably sourced? We chose to use only untreated Wisconsin grown cedar posts which have been hand picked. It is very important to us that the vines are not in contact with treated wood, as these chemicals may interfere with the soil and the grapes. 

We rely heavily on rain showers to water our grape vines but there are times the ground is to dry and the vines desperately need a drink. Especially during planting. When this occurs we water with spring sourced water. A spring is a natural point of water that reaches the surface from the ground. Spring water is considered safer than even tap water. We love our springs and we utilize them in many ways. WINEaLOT Vineyards is unique that we have a spring on the property. 

The main principle of sustainability is to meet the needs of the present as well as the ability to meet the needs of future generations. One day, WINEaLOT Vineyards will pass to the next generation and we want to ensure our vines are healthy when this day comes. 



To learn more about sustainable agriculture in the vineyard check out the VineyardTeam.org

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