The Vines are preparing for a winter nap

As the temps drop and we are waking up to frost on the ground, the vines are feeling the cold. They are dropping their leaves and losing their color, dormancy is coming. This is such a sad sight in the vineyard but it is very necessary.

When the vines go dormant for the winter season, they are protecting themselves from damage caused by the cold. Damaged vines will not produce grapes, which is devastating to a winemaker. So, by taking a winter nap, the vines are ensuring that they can produce grapes for us in summer.

I have been waiting for this time, as weird as that is. It means I can give the vines a much needed hair cut. I will be trimming some of the growth the vines produced over the past summer months. This will allow the vines to grow even bigger and stronger next year. Also, grapes will only grow on new wood. That means I need to make sure the vine has room to grow new shoots. New shoots means more grapes!

This time of year also means I have more time to focus on the winery aspect. During the summer I spend my days out in the vineyard, making sure the vines are growing strong. Now I have more time available to complete required permits, produce wine and improve our WINEaLOT Items.

Stay tuned because I have a feeling wine operations are right around the corner ;) 

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