Vineyard in a Winter Wonderland

Our winter weather has been so beautiful this season. I can't help but wander through the vineyard and admire the magic of mother nature. In February I will begin winter pruning to prepare the vines for spring.

Grape vines need to be trimmed every winter after they have been dormant for a couple months. It is also important for the vines to stay dormant for a period of time after trimming to ensure they are not shocked when spring thaw comes. 

Grapes will only grow on new wood, this means a lot of the growth that occurred over the summer needs to be cut back to allow for new growth. It is also important to stay proactive in training the vines. During growing season, grape vines (especially our current varieties) will grow very quickly and aggressively. Part of my job is to help train the vine to grow a certain way. This helps keep the vines healthy and production high, as well as keeps our lives easier for maintenance. It's not easy cutting the grass in the vineyard when the vines are overtaking everything. 

I will begin this process in February, when I know they are completely dormant and will stay that way for a little while longer. Till then, the winter wonderland is so beautiful!

Vineyard trellis in the snow, winter wonderland. Winealot Vineyards in the snow, winter wonderland. Walking through winealot vineyards in the winter. Snow surrounds the Frontenac vineyard and the new section to be planted in May.  

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