Welcome to WINEaLOT Vineyards, we are so excited to have you here!!!

WINEaLOT Vineyards is growing bigger every day. We started with a crazy idea in July 2019. The 12 acre lot had lots of field space for growing hay. The worst part about growing hay is the work schedule, did you know you have to bail hay on the most beautiful Saturday of the year? After giving up the best Saturdays of summer for five years, we decided to try something else...why not grow wine grapes?? Seemed like a great idea at the time, we thought we could control our schedule easier. I urge you to never believe you can control your own schedule. 

Fast forward to spring of 2020, Covid-19 hits and my job in hospice comes to an end. Now, I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason. My hospice job was a calling that I felt I was needed in at that time. When I was no longer needed, I believe that was my reward for a job well done. I received an opportunity to pursue my own dream. Exactly 1 year after having a crazy idea to start a vineyard, I became a full time entrepreneur with plans of starting a winery. So WINEaLOT Vineyards began. 

Today, we are awaiting our state winery permits. That is the final task in the way of beginning wine production and officially holding the title of Winery! Till then, I encourage you to follow our journey and browse our WINEaLOT Items collection. Every order will bring us closer to putting wine into your glass. Your support means the world to us and I can't wait to reward everyone with a glass of WINEaLOT Wine!

Cheers to the future!

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